Tech Nation named as an endorsing body for the new innovator and start-up visas

Following the press release in 2018, the government have on the 7 March 2019, announced two new immigration categories that will appear in the Immigration Rules from 29 March 2019 — the innovator and start-up

An application for a visa in either category cannot be made until the business idea has been assessed by an approved endorsing body and they have agreed to officially endorse the applicant.

Unsurprisingly it has been announced that Tech Nation will be one of those endorsing bodies. Tech Nation is already an endorsing body for applicants applying under the tech arm of the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa.

But what does come as a surprise is that, according to there website, Tech Nation won’t be providing any endorsements applying under the innovator or start-up routes until September 2019. This means that Tech Nation will not be issuing endosements until some time after applications for visas commence (which appears, from the wording of the Statement of Changes, to be from 1 August 2019).

In September 2019, Tech Nation will begin processing endorsement applications on behalf of digital technology entrepreneurs for both of these new routes, building upon our successful operation of the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa and extending our support for international entrepreneurs wishing to establish their
tech business in the UK.

Surely this is a one-off and we will begin seeing announcements from other organisations confirming their readiness to accept applications for endorsements sooner than September. Watch this space……

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