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European Union Nationals

Nationals of European Union Member States

EEA National have a right to come and live or work or study in the UK without any restrictions.

They can reside here for up to three months, or longer if they are a ‘qualified person’. The category of qualified people includes jobseekers, workers, self-employed and self-sufficient people and students.

Family members, whether European nationals themselves or not, can come with or join an EEA National, subject to certain restrictions. There are two groups of family members: immediate and wider family. Different rules apply to each group.

Family members of a qualified person may also retain their rights to residence in the UK in a wide range of circumstances, even where the qualified person dies or a marriage or partnership breaks down.

EEA nationals and their family members are entitled to a document certifying their immigration status in the UK. After five years residence in the UK in accordance with the EEA Regulations, EEA nationals and their family members can apply for permanent residence and then later, British citizenship.

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