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Sports Immigration

Elite level sport is as diverse as ever in the UK, and our team is on hand to advise clubs, individuals and sports agents on all aspects of the UK’s complex immigration legislation.

Visas for Sportspersons and Coaches 

In most instances a non-EEA sportsperson or coach will need to be sponsored by a club under the Home Office’s Point Based System under either Tier 2 or Tier 5.  The club will need to have a Sponsor Licence to be able to sponsor a non-EEA sportsperson or coach and for most sports the individual will need to be internationally established and contribute to the ongoing development of sport at the highest level.

Before a club can sponsor a sportsperson or coach under either the Tier 2 or Tier 5 of the Points Based System the individual will need to be endorsed by the Sport’s Governing Body in the UK prior to submission to the Home Office.  The individual Sport’s Governing Body determine how internationally established the individual needs to be to be granted an endorsement to play or coach in the UK for that particular sport.  The more popular the sport the more internationally established the individual will need to be.

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In some instances a professional or amateur sportsperson or official, and personal or technical staff of the sports person or official may be able to enter the UK as a sports visitor, depending on what they will be doing whilst in the UK.

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The Immigration Rules varies for sportspeople and coaches depending on what they will be doing whilst in the UK, whether they are professional or amateurs, and the sport itself.  Hartley Bain is able to assist with all aspects of sports immigration, and due to the complexity it is best to Contact Us to discuss your requirements in the first instance.

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